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WhatsApp is the most-used multiplatform IM app in the world. Now, after a long wait, its developers are finally offering users the option to chat with their contacts via their web browser on any desktop PC.

The web version of WhatsApp offers most of the same features as the mobile app, with the added benefit of synching all your contacts, groups, and conversations to all your devices. It also lets you receive notifications directly to your desktop.

To use it, the only requirement is to download and update to the latest version of your browser (version 2.11.498 or higher for Android). When you open the app and drop down the upper right-hand menu you’ll see a new option called WhatsApp Web. There you’ll need to use your smartphone camera to capture the QR code that will appear when you access the web version from this link to the official webpage. That done, your contacts and chat tabs should automatically appear in the window.

The only setting that’s specific to this version is the option to enable or disable desktop notifications (both the pop-up windows and the sounds), or silence them for a set time period.
By Raúl Rosso
Serious vulnerability uncovered in WhatsApp Web

The security firm Checkpoint revealed on Thursday that it had found a serious vulnerability on the WhatsApp Web client that could allow an attacker to gain full access to contacts, chats, and shared docs using a malicious code hidden in what seemed to be an innocent photo sent over chat. This problem was exclusive to the web version, which requires a QR code sent from the smartphone app to run on any browser.
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How to restore deleted chats on WhatsApp

As we’ve explained before, WhatsApp lets you do periodic automatic backups via your Google Drive account, but there might also be times when you need to restore a backup from before the most recent one. Given that the Android version stores up to a week’s worth of backups in your local memory, you can also restore messages using a simple procedure.
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The new WhatsApp syncs your chats to the cloud

A recurring dream of any hopeless WhatsApp fiend is losing their chat history by uninstalling the apps or clearing their data by accident. Luckily, the 2.12.45 version for Android includes an option to avoid this catastrophe by doing periodic automatic backups that sync to your Google Drive cloud account.
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